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Jun 24 2011

InternetEngineer.com Version 3 Coming Soon

mvc 3 sql server 2008

After surfing around the web for MVC tools I found that Component One provides a really nice suite of components that provide rich functionality for MVC web sites.

Check out more at their web site: Component One

Sep 21 2010

Web App, Non-Native iPhone Development

ADO.net 4.0, Studio for iphone

I have release my first iPhone web app, non-native app.
Created with Component One's Studio for iPhone.
Studio for iPhone integrates into Visual Studio 2010, framework 3.5, 4.0.
I can easily deploy apps for IIS7, ASP.NET, SQL server and Oracle.
Please take a look at my iPhone Section

Aug 31 2010

Entity Framework

ADO.net 4.0


I am working on my open source project with Entity Framework. Here is a good book to read.

Aug 23 2010

I have joined the Miami Traithlon Club

swim, bike, and run

I was able to hang with the guys in my 32 mile practice bike run.



Aug 20 2010

InternetEngineer.com moves to .net 4.0

Asp.net 4.0 sql server 2008

It was time to upgrade my web site. I hope that .Net 4.0 brings the best that Microsoft has to offer. It's like a car company making the same model every year. Each year they get better and better at it




Jun 24 2010


Asp.net 3.5 sql server 2008

I have just release the Spanish version of Internet Engineer.
Please visit my site: IngenieroInternet.com


Jun 10 2010

Kiss Leads Inc

IVR Integration, IfbyPhone, with .net 3.5

The Kiss Leads Project has been an exciting project in my life. This was my first experience with Pay Per Call, IVR and creating a framework for advertisers and clients. I invite everyone to visit my work at KissLeads.com





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