Thank you for visiting my site. I decided to acquire because over the years I had great difficulty explaining what I do.
Some people believe I am a Techy, which I am.
Some people believe that I am just an Entrepreneur which I also am.
Some believe that I am just a Project Manager with a lot of experience.
And some believe I am just an Ecommerce guy.
The reality is that I am all four, and I am very good at all four.

My Professional life in a nutshell:
I started programming at the early age of 13 years old.
In 1996 I started doing Internet sites and very soon was involved with major companies in the South Florida area.
Created and worked in land mark web sites like Perry Ellis,, Commerce One (clients), Livedoor,
I have seen how the internet has evolved from the inside and I have also seen it crash in the dot-com boom.
Worked in four continents creating portals, eCommerce platforms, new concepts, online media and advertising.
My specialties are in Executive Management, Start-Up Management, eCommerce Platform Design and Creation, Online Portals, Online Video, Architecture & Programming of Enterprise Systems.

For more information please view my: Career Highlights | Resume | Skills

Thank you again for visiting and I hope you are impressed.
Note: No one ever pays me for web design anymore, so I created this site with latest css techniques just to make a point.


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