Executive Management C.T.O.

I have experienced the Chief Technology Officer position twice in my career.
First as co-founder of MailCreations in 2002 and then in Livedoor USA in 2004 after the acquisition of Mailcreations.
I managed a team of 30; including developers, outsourcers, designers, interns, DBAs and 5 server farms.
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Start Up Co-founder

I have been involved in several startups in my life. The most successful experience was with Mailcreations who concentrated in the Online Marketing for South America and the US Hispanics.
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Internet Engineer

I started programming at the early age of 13 years old. During high school my mother enrolled me in a technical institute at the age of 15 years old to study programming.
Some of my most notable projects include:
- The creation of Shopping Cart version 2. I wrote it from scratch using asp and SQL server 2000. As a lead developer I managed 2 DBAs and 2 junior programmers.
- Supreme International/Perry Ellis International entire framework of sites. I created the original 12 catalog brand sites, 1 extranet for vendors, 1 intranet.
- KissLeads IVR framework. Capable of interfacing with any IVR provider or telephony company in the world from a single location.

Business Level Spanish & South American Work Experience

I have worked as a consultant in Mexico and Chile.
I have business level written Spanish and I am good at establishing relationships with South American clients.

Technical Skills

Besides my management and entrepreneurial skills I can also get right into the code.
Here are just some technologies I am proficient in:

Enterprise Level Development 2.0, 3.5
Classic asp 2.0, 3.5
VB 6.0
SQL server 2005, 2008
Oracle 10i
SEO – Basic and Intermediate
Google Analytics
Encryption in
Database Design
Video Editing in FinalCut
Video Encoding for Internet

Please remember that I write most of my systems from scratch. So you will not see many open source references.



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