This section will give you quick intro in what to expect in the sample code pages.

All code is color coded using Syntax Highlighter. Every code block has a set of icons in the top right corner that will appear as you hover. The icons will allow you to copy and paste, open source code in a new window, and print. You can test it right now by placing your mouse over the top right corner of this code block.
Module HelloWorld
	Sub Main( )
		System.Console.WriteLine("Hello world!")
	End Sub
End Module					
Look for the date icon that will tell you when the code was posted.

Aug 15 2010

Sample code title 4.0 sql server 2008

At the end of every page look for the action bar that will allow you to leave comments, download the entire open source project “One Man Show”, download the section code or email to a friend.







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