I think that Internet Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world.
You are programmer in essence, but most people think that programmers are boring. But when you tell people that you are an Internet Engineer their eyes light up. Maybe is because they appreciate the talent involved in creating the sites they use daily, or maybe it’s the fact that the Internet is a human communications revolution, or they realize that you are very smart. But I think the real reason is that for the first time in history a large number of regular educated people are forced to acquire technical knowledge by using the Internet; now regular people value, understand, and appreciate what you do.

Cool jobs don't last forever, something new will come soon. No matter how good you think you are, one day there will be something cooler and newer.
So my advice to you is start planning for the future.
Take management courses, start a small company, widen your expertise to project management, learn similar areas like networking, administration, even another career, etc.

Programming languages don’t last forever. Their lifespan is no more than 15 years except for a few lucky ones like c and c++.

Remember that this is a business, and that languages are products. And those languages are tied up to server architectures, operating systems and companies.
Only Java will work everywhere as long as SUN is in business. But information technology companies don't last forever either.

Plan your future for a good life. Being submerged in technology feels great, but nothing feels great forever. At one point in your life you will want something else or you will want something more.

Find out what you want to do when you are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 years old.

I know that when I am 90 years old, I want to be in a hot bed watching the world cup on a wide screen TV with a sexy nurse by my side.

I will be happy not just content………







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