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Web Apps/Non-Native iPhone applications allow corporations to rapidly deploy mobile solutions that integrate directly into ASP.NET , SQL server and Oracle utilizing existing infrastructure and security schemes.

Sample SEO iPhone Web app/Non-Native App

ASP.nET 4.0
Allows webmaster to build meta tags on the go
Stores metatags in iis7 web server
Uses iphone email client to keep records
Easily retrievable via email link
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Key benefits oh Web Apps, Non-Native Apps

1. A Non-native app can cost %80 less than a native app
2. They are cheaper to develop because they take advantage of existing corporate infrastructure
3. No iTunes download fees
4. Do not require end users to purchase from iTunes
5. They can easily be installed by help desk
6. They can easily be installed by end users
7. They can be password protected using existing security systems
8. Are more secure since they can talk to corporate databases without exposing data to remote access and apps
9. Updates don’t require re-installation of the app
10. Track users with existing systems
11. Can interact with SSL certificates
12. They can upload images, files, invoices, scans to corporate repositories

Non-native apps are not tailored to

1. Create high graphical games, image editing, music, etc.
2. To interact with the iPhone magnifying glass, camera, volume, etc.
3. Create apps that are meant for mass markets. At least not yet. As more Non-native apps are launched the average consumer is learning how to reach them.








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