My ASP.NET and Classic ASP portfolio is about the sites I have programmed and architected myself. They do not include sites I have managed or sites where I was Project Manager or Technical Lead.
Some of these sites had supporting staff like, but in most I was a one man show. 4.0 sql server 2008
jquery 1.3.2 & 1.4.2
css 2.1
SyntaxHighlighter 2.1.364
personal promotional site

- 3.5 sql server 2008
- Ifbyphone api integration (Click to Call)

- 3.5 sql server 2008
- crm for sales people and affiliates

- 3.5 sql server 2008
- secure portal for lawyers to buy and see account details

- 3.5 sql server 2008
- corporate site

- Classic ASP sql server 2005
- Tourism Portal


- Classic ASP sql server 2005
- third party unsubscribe system used by fortune 1000 companies

Mailcreations Thumb

- Classic ASP sql server 2000
- Banner and Email tracking system capable of handling 600 million impressions a day Thumb

- Classic ASP sql server 2000
- eCommerce Site
- Capable of selling 1 million dollars a day
- ranked at the time 72 mot spopular site in the world



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