Since most Project Managers and Senior Internet Engineers work with existing style sheets or a team of web designers; it is very hard to keep up with the latest CSS techniques.
So I used as my personal project and fulfill many roles: Marketing, SEO, Designer, Architect, Internet Engineer, etc. is designed using CSS 2.1 and it’s a combination of CSS and JQUERY.

The site has been designed to be compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Another big component is ease of use. Using standard design techniques, we included major features or sections of the site in the top main menu, while subsections appear on the side navigation bar. The bottom menus are used to promote interesting but less significant sections of the site.

Color scheme is sometimes overlooked by web design teams, as most web designers work with excellent equipment and they forget that visitors have budget constraints.
Therefore I choose a basic color scheme that will be compatible with most monitors and most color resolutions. As a rule of thumb I choose 4 years back as the cut off resolution.
This is a good rule to have as achieving 100% compatibility would restrict the use of many features and size.

Making a show case for CSS, Web Design, Project Management, and most importantly as a product show case or self-promotional site.




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